Your own two feet

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Blender screenshot of character modelling WIPThe feet are complete. I’ve tried to keep the mesh as light as possible, but some areas are bound to be heavier simply because there is more form to describe. The feet are on the dense side, but I have tried to compensate by keeping the toes as simple cuboid shapes. Since animated deformation of the toes is not likely to be an everyday affair, I assume this is OK.

The legs are exactly the kind of comic, skinny musculature I imagined. It remains to be seen whether the light mesh holds up well to armature movements. Next in line is the hair, and I expect that to need an independent armature object for it’s movement. Although, the new softbody dynamics features that have found their way into the Blender trial builds might be a better solution, if they are controllable enough. On to the hair!


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