Privacy Policy

Privacy - woman spying through binocularsI‘m as much of a supporter of privacy as the next guy, as long as we are talking within the context of reality here. This is a public site and you are browsing it in a public way, thus revealing certain general facts about yourself, although not your precise identity. That’s just the way the internet works, and we all live with it. It’s quite simple really:

Public data and stats

Browsing this site doesn’t broadcast your identity to the general public, but your access is logged and certain general trends and stats are collected by the server.

Author identity

To post a comment here, your name and email address are required. The name could, of course, be whatever handle/tag/identification you wish to be recognised by, and your email address will not published for general consumption.

Ad serving and cookies

Some third-party advertising companies are allowed to display ads on this web site. These companies may use general technical information gathered from your visits, such as your IP address, your ISP, or your browser version, to provide advertisement that is more targeted to you. In addition, Google also uses the DoubleClick cookie to track you across their ad network to serve you ads based on your interests. For more information about this technology, cookies, and your options for disallowing such information gathering, please look at this well rounded coverage of the issues involved by the Google Adsense team: click here.

Please remember that this is a public site, meant for public consumption. Your rights will be protected to a large extent as long as you respect those of others.

Thank you and happy browsing.

— Samir Bharadwaj