Follicular foible

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Blender render of character modelling WIPWith this hair, I thee complete … well, modelling at least. I’m pretty happy with the result. The hair is wild and wanton enough while maintaining the comic stylisation of the character. The very apparent surface polygons I have left in on purpose, because I think it adds a good deal of techiness to the character; this will make more sense once the character is placed into appropriate environments.

Come to think of it, this is really not that complete yet. The materials still need to be finalised. Then there is some texturing to be done for the cloth. Armatures. Posing. Some environments. Some great renders, and then finally animation!

With this hair, I thee begin.


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  1. and hey, if you ever need to diversify, just scale, rotate hair until it’s under the jaw and you’ve got TarZip’s bearded father, and lengthern (plus boobies) for girlfriend!


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