A Creative Generalist

Samir Bharadwaj - designing some craft

I‘ve had an independent design practice for 16 years. I’ve written seriously and professionally for as long. I’ve taken photographs for twice as long. And I’ve drawn all my life.

My love of writing is born from my love of reading, which I’ve done a lot of, but sometimes don’t do as much as I would like. The many worlds created in words always fascinated me, and through my various interests, I continue attempting to create more worlds for others to fly freely in.

I’ve always loved looking up at the stars, because they are there and vast, and they pose so many questions. Questions which I’ve always enjoyed knowing. I love teaching myself new things, understanding them and creating with them. I like seeing and seeking the patterns in this seemingly-blank interconnected canvas of cosmic dust, and I like showing others what I see and helping them see for themselves.

I enjoy helping people make sense of things while pleasing and challenging their senses. I like helping them communicate with words and pictures. I adore creating pictures, words, and worlds of my own.


P.S. Still curious? See my older and more rambling website bio here: Who is Samir Bharadwaj?