Design Services

Icon design sketchbook with a wooden top resting on a page

Have you ever tried to speak about something you’ve built and had no one listen?
I’d love to help you talk about what you make and do, so that the right people pay attention.

Hire me for:

Design & branding consultancy

Do you have the hands to handle your branding and creative output but no expertise to guide and plan it in any effective way? Or are you just starting out and need to find and train the right team to produce your creative materials into the future? I can bring my 16 years of expertise in the field to help you with the right talent, materials and methods to improve your business or brand. I can help you produce the results you need with your design and marketing activities.

I work on a retainer, for fixed durations or on a ongoing basis. My rates start at USD 2000 per month, with a minimum 2-month commitment, paid in advance. You can contact me with your specific needs for more details on how I can help you.

Logo design & branding

A good logo is a priceless commodity for any business or service. I offer basic logo design services starting at USD 850, and can create additional branding collateral such as stationery and style guides for you if you need them. Write to me with your requirements for a more detailed proposal.

Icon design

With apps on the web and mobile taking over every area of business and entertainment, strong interface design, and icons can be the key to differentiating yourself from the million others out there. My icon design rates start at USD 500 for a set of 5 simple graphic icons. Rates vary based on complexity and scope of what you need, so please contact me and we can discuss it further.


Whatever the visual style you wish to portray, whether digital or traditional, I can execute and have likely handled before in my decade and a half of creating images professionally. Please write to me with more details for a quote.

WordPress site development

I’ve been creating WordPress sites for over 8 years and developed dozens of sites using existing themes or from scratch. If you have a visual design in mind and need someone to execute it for you in WordPress, I can help. Development based closely on an exiting theme starts at USD 900 for a simple site. Custom development will depend on the particulars of what you need to create. Drop me a message to discuss it further.

Pretty much anything else that’s creative

As an independent designer, I’ve tacked a wide range of projects in every medium and in a wide range of business areas. If you need anything in visual or written communication, feel free to write and it’s very likely I can give you what you need.

If you’re not sure what specifically you need and just want to chat about your work and business, please drop me a mail. In addition, subscribe to my free newsletter where I regularly share new ideas, thinking and resources to help with branding, communication and all things creative.