I don’t have a head for this sort of thing

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Blender screenshots of 3D woman-head model in progressIt seems that I am always attracted by the themes thrown at the Blender community by the weekend challenge over at Elysiun. It also seems that I don’t yet have the speed and familiarity with Blender’s tools required to convert my grandiose ideas for weekend challenges into reality within the stipulated time. But, never look a gift inspiration in the mouth. Therefore I continue to look at the new topic every week, and ideas continue to grow in my head. Sometimes they are strong enough to prompt me to get working on them in ernest, as is the case with my current project. I had an idea for the theme “Myth and Legend” which involved a female model, so I set out to model one. Here are the images of my work-in-progress screaming woman.

More to come, as it is done.

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