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Blender screenshots of 3D woman-head and neck model in progressThe head is done (well… not quite but sort of). The neck must go on. Since I started this model as a sculpting project from a basic geometric form, rather than a proper animatable face-loop structure, there were some things to clean up before moving away from the spherical head. For a neck, the head needed a hole at its base. That was easier said than done because I had added in a lot of detail for the face and the corresponding extra polygons had collected at the back of head.

That done, I started work on the neck. The back half of the neck was a simple extrusion of the back of the head. The front half was a little more complicated. The pronounced curve of the back edge of the jaw bone, needed some strange twisted geometry. Unfortunately, when I cleared out the hole for the neck, the faceloops for the jaw needed to be cut short. So, a new set of polygons were introduced (a mirrored version of the back of the neck) to complete the neck.

Then there was the matter of joining the newly formed neck-front to the inner jaw bone. A lot of vertex selecting, joining, and face filling latter, I had a completed lower chin. As you can see in the third image here, however, the connection wasn’t there yet. For some reason, even when subdivided, the neck and jaw connection formed a sharp corner. Some detective work later, a rogue extra set of polygons was destroyed, and the resulting smooth neck connection you see in image #4 was the result. Yay!

Since that minor triumph, I have started work on the flare of the neck as it meets the shoulder, and the shoulder itself. Then there still remains the entire torso, which we don’t really know as well as we think we do.

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