Slice and dice

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Blender screenshot of 3D moth model in progress, now with uv texture gridBegan my quest for easy UV texturing in one easy step – unfortunately, there is no such thing. But once again, Python comes to the rescue.

I used the obj_io script to export the main objects to .OBJ files from Blender. These files were then opened in UVmapper Classic, a free program that unwraps meshes for UV texturing. There are various modes of unwrapping an object, such as plane, cube, sphere etc. I used a planar map for the wings and a cubic map for the moth’s body. The .OBJ files also need to be saved from within UVmapper to preserve the texture settings. These modified files were once again imported into Blender with the obj_io script. Now applying an image texture material to the objects, with the UV material setting on results in a proper recreation of the mesh coordinates as seen in the render.

Now it is a matter of taking these unwrapped texture files into an image manipulation program, and painting them appropriately using the mesh guides that were created by UVmapper. Simple really … except for all that hard work, but it should be worth it. Watch this space.

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