The Environment Beckons and the September 2007 Report

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Samir Bhardwaj dot Com monthly reportThis report is a bit late. I’ve been quite busy pondering the details of the series of environmental articles I’ve been writing (more below), and my regular report date of the 4th slipped me by without my noticing. Better late than never, here are the highlights of the month that was on Samir Bharadwaj dot Com.

More Photography Tips

With the continuing success of my original post of photography tips, it has felt a bit strange even for me to have not written anything further on the topic. In September I got the perfect excuse. There was a blog writing project over at on the topic of Tips & Tricks. My article on the subject was a lighter take on a listing of tips on how to take clear and steady pictures without a tripod. I think I probably only got one vote in the competition to find the top posts among the bunch, but I am very happy with the article and I do hope it grows into one of the major attractions of this site in the long run.

Environment Series

As part of my count-down to Blog Action Day, 2007 I started writing a series of articles in September on the theme of The Environmental Movement and Why It’s Not Working. At the time of this writing there are still 4 articles to go in the series. I took on a bit of a large challenge here, trying to put out a 9-part series on the environmental movement and its communication shortcomings. I’ve always wanted to add a new category on this blog to cover my general scientific interests, and this seems like a strong way to start on that path.

The writing of these articles have been quite involving. Not only is it 9 parts, but each is of a substantial length. I’ve thus far organised each one into a group of supporting points which also took me towards doing a small iconic illustration for each point. The writing, the photo selection for the top graphic, and the icon illustrations for the points, all make this a very meaty task to sink my teeth into. To think that all this started as a way to ‘lead into’ an idea I had for what to present on Blog Action Day on this blog. With very little time to go for the final day, it remains to be seen to what extent I can complete my goal by the deadline, but at least this mammoth article series will have been brought to completion and hopefully new and exciting beginnings will result from it. Sign up for my Full RSS feed to keep track of these developments and others.

Blog Carnivals

It is blog carnival time again and the celebrations have now officially begun. Sit down with your favourite soothing drink and browse through these at leisure. There are a lot of good people here with plenty of great content to showcase. So, without further ado, I hand over the stage to our stars:

First off, the article Stardust and the Return of the Fairytale was included in:

The post BlogRush Brings Free Website Traffic to WordPress was linked in the following:

Thank you all for the attention and the links.


More, more, more!. Make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming parts of my environmental series and other new content by subscribing to my full text RSS feed.

And that brings us to the end of another boisterous report. I hope you stumble upon some interesting sites through the carnival links.
As always, stay tuned for more.


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