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Luciano Passuello over at Litemind recently put up the final list of entries in his Lists Group Writing Project. I had thrown in my hat into the ring with my entry about procrastination.

Now it’s voting time, and as I have done before on similar projects, I decided to look though all 66 entries and list those that stood out and those I would like to recommend to my readers:

  • Six Savvy Reasons Why You Should Travel Light by Sheila Beal
    I happen to be a whole-hearted believer in travelling light, and Sheila builds a very clean and convincing case for it filled with many practical insights.
  • List Of Why Blogs Are A Female Gender by Domtan
    In a single blow, Domtan produces a list that is at once deep, depraved, and utterly hilarious!
  • Best 101 Lists by Pearl
    This is a list of 40-something lists of 101 things. One even leads to a list of 1001 lists, and I’m sure many of the others also have links as part of their 101 listing. Pearl deserves a round of applause for just giving me a happy information-overload high as I try to contemplate the geometrical exponential explosion of it all!
  • 100 Resources To Improve Your Career, Relationships And Money by Lawrence Cheok
    A monster list of useful links. Good work Lawrence!
  • 100 Sites I Seek Inspiration From by Iain Hamp
    Like all grab bag-deals, this list of 100 inspirational websites is bound to have its fair share of duds that just don’t do anything for some of us, but the rest is pure gold and Iain deserves a pat on the back for putting this together.
  • 40 ways to make your mind your playground by Fier
    This article is the result of three hours well spent by Fier. It is a listing of fun games and intellectual challenges, all designed to enhance your mind in some way. There’s something here for everyone, everyone who likes using their mental equipment on occasion, that is.
  • Ten things I didn’t know until last week by Blaiq
    Blaiq proves once again that you can never know too many pieces of interesting trivia. Educational.
  • 8 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople by Daniel Sitter
    Simple and useful are by buzzwords when judging any content praise-worthy. This post by Daniel is both.
  • 21 Punching Tips On Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization by Etienne Teo
    A great collection of links on the topic of social media that together form a very comprehensive tome on the subject. Excellent stuff by Etienne, and close to my heart because my old post on taking photos and even my Litemind entry on overcoming procrastination have greatly benefited from social media traffic.
  • 10 Ways to Survive the Writers’ Strike by Cynthia Boris
    Cynthia obviously loves her subject matter, and it shows. I love geeks … and I use the word in the most complementary way, of course.
  • 15 Tips to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by CSS
    A simple and straight-forward post of tips on a truly useful subject, with enough appropriate links for further reading. Perfect.
  • 12 WordPress Editors you can choose by Karthik
    I’m a big fan of comprehensive resource posts. They take a great deal of effort and research to put together, but the end result, if done well, is always worth the trouble. This roundup of editors for WordPress blogs from Karthik is a prime example.

Enjoy these wonderful entries, and I wish all the participants the best of luck with the competition.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I kept meaning to read your article on procrastination but I never got around to it. . . (rim shot).

    It was actually very high on my list of favorites – thinking now I should have written up more than just three because there really were some great posts all loaded with information people could really use and enjoy.

    1. Cynthia, your punch line about my article is well executed and appreciated! I am a firm believer in the “rim shot” being a basic human emotional state that is desperately in need of an emoticon of its own. Who’s with me?! šŸ˜‰

      I agree, choosing three was a tough limit to stick to considering the many great entries. I just let my list of favourites find its own length. (Read: I was too lazy to decide on a fixed number)

  2. I am glad you like the article…. this week has been information overload for me too when first this article hitting the front page on Digg, server crashing, account suspended and now I have to finish all Luciano’s list articles…

    I am double minded in updating my original list or give link love to all participants ‘coz there are just too many great articles!

    1. Article hitting the front page of Digg: Congrats!
      Server crashing and account suspended: My condolences

      Was it your list article that got Dugg, or something else? Hope your server troubles are behind you now. I’ve had that happen to me once, but starengely enough my host complained about my high CPU usage well after one of these Stumbleupon frenzies. Still don’t know what was causing it, but cacheing saved the day.

    1. Thank you! Thank you!
      I couldn’t have done it witout my wonderful audience. I’d like to thank … hold on, how many people do I need to thank? … let’s see … hmm … ok, that’s a lot.

      Maybe I should write a seperate thank you post … ooh, ooh, better yet, a whole SERIES of posts! šŸ™‚

      Thanks Pearl.

    1. You’re more than welcome, Lawrence. Good material on the internet is not as common as any of us would like it to be, and when I find something worth sharing I think it’s only fair that I point dramatically in its direction. šŸ˜‰

      Congrats on the win!


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