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I recently stumbled upon the Blog Writing Project over at DailyBlogTips when there was less than a day to go for the deadline to submit a post on the theme of “Tips & Tricks”. The final list of entries was put up and my entry on taking sharp photos without a tripod was included.

It now falls on me, as part of the prescribed process, to select my favourites from the pack. I tried looking through these and selecting a “top 5”, a “top 10”, or something similar, but being the diverse articles that these are I find that impossible, and a bit unfair. So I have simply browsed through the entire 122 articles in the list, and selected those that stood out and displayed some excellence that attracted my attention:

Good job everyone! And best of luck with the competition.


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  1. Woah! So many people to talk to. Excellent! 🙂

    CSS, thanks. I’m glad you liked my article. I thought your tips on creativity were not only useful but also entertaining. My personal favourites were, “Remember, being creative isn’t only for “artsy” people” and “Pretend you’re ten and haven’t yet forgotten how to use your imagination”. Priceless!

    Michael, you’re welcome. Your article was not only good but also of personal relevance to me. As you can see at the moment, my blog uses pretty much the default comment styling. I’ve been thinking of seperating trackbacks and comments and also giving specific styling to my comments for a while. I’ve been debating between hacking the template and using a plugin (which I think does exist, at least for trackback separation). I’ll get around to it eventually. 😉

    Fred, your post was a sure choice for me. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of forums mentioned in your post which I wasn’t aware of. It should be fun to explore those and participate in at least a few, so thanks again.

    GnomeyNewt, good work with the tips once again, and very relevant to my blog. I did a series last month on Being Yourself in Blogland, and I am currently writing the much longer series on The Environmental Movement and Why It’s Not Working for Blog Action Day 2007.

    Matt, you are very welcome, and deserving. Anyone who can submit three paragraphs and four bullet points worth of “blah”s to a blogging competition is entitled to my vote. 😀

    Stacy, more than happy to include you in my little list. I think the spirit of your tips are useful and applicable to most travel in general, which is what I liked about them. Good stuff.

    Thank you all for dropping by. Comment away, hope to see you around this blog more often, and best of luck with everything.

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