Love is in the Air [Comic]

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Robot wearing a gas mask - Love is in the Air

Comic KongaAll good things must come to an end, as does this edition of Comic Konga with this comic. I haven’t been the most punctual participant, but I’m glad I completed the set of five, and that too keeping to my parameters of using the same character. It’s been a great exercise and I will certainly tackle comics with less trepidation in the future. Anyone interested can subscribe to Vishal’s feed to know when the next one is happening.

Day 5: Love is in the Air, and our everyman robot is reacting in his own little predictably unpredictable way. The point of this one was to continue with the more complex scene setups, and to end with a straightforward caption piece. I’m quite happy with the finished visual because I had a specific look in mind and it took plenty of redraws to get it right.

The final, much erased and worked over, pencil sketch on A4 photocopy paper was traced with a black finetip pen. The inks were scanned and vectorised in Inkscape. Blue tones and text were also applied in Inkscape.

I hear love is a wonderful thing. And yet, every time you see love visualised in images you see the same symbols and the same stale imagery. It gets to be very boring — to me at least. My try with this was to make an image about love that was not churned out by the Valentine’s Day marketing department, or by the Jilted Lovers Anarchist Cell. Is it romantic? No, probably not by most people’s standards. I do hope it is at least a little funny though and makes you smile.


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    1. Thanks, Forest, glad you liked it. I’m quite pleased with it myself. I consider my current drawing skills to be a bit on the rusty side for lack of regular practice, but if I keep at it for a few days like I did to reach this image above, I begin to approach illustration decency. šŸ™‚

  1. Hey Samir,

    I was led here from your FB comment. šŸ™‚

    I’m not always so much a visual person.
    So he’s wearing a gas mask to filter out the love ???

    LOL <——— laughing at myself !!!

    The perspective, and drawing is great.!!!

    XO XO

    1. Hi Deb,

      Don’t worry, you got it right the first time.

      I guess the fact that this is a bit cryptic reveals my liking for that school of humour. It’s understandable if it’s not immediately apparent.

      Also, I guess it might make more sense having seen the previous comics starring this character. This is “day 5”, and the previous 4 also have this innocent robot character in them. You can see them by using the previous post link at the top of the page.

      I just found the visual of a robot wearing a brown paper bag over its head and an eyepatch a humourous one the first time, and then I sort of grew fond of him. I’m sure to do more with him in the future.

      Glad you liked it,


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