Margin of Error [Comic]

Height charts and robots - Margin of Error

Comic KongaThe third entry into the latest Comic Konga event is here. A good sign since it’s one more than I managed to churn out the last time I took it on.

Day 3: Margin of Error, continues with my brown-paper-bag-robot character. He’s proven to be quite flexible and enjoyable so far and his further versatility remains to be explored as I put him through the paces in more situations. In addition to the repeat character, the other challenge I am taking on is to come up with only single panel comics. Like a short story, single panels are often more difficult to create than multi-panel narratives. This boiling down the point and the humour to it’s minimal essence can be a tough ask.

As always, the pencil sketch on an A4 photocopy sheet was traced with a black finetip pen. The inks were scanned and vectorised in Inkscape before applying the blue tones and text.

This comic is meant to be about progress, growth, development, and the illusion of these. Living in a world and an age when we consider everything to be advanced and forever advancing, it’s nice to sometimes question our measures of progress.



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