F1 challenge 2004

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Blender F1 Challenge RenderWoah! Nearly two months of silence on this blog. Didn’t realize it as I was busy sharpening my 3D claws. I am currently working on the Blender F1 Challenge 2004. The image attached was not to my total satisfaction but I submited it to meet the May 7th deadline.

Now there is an extension till the 15th, so I will work on this some more and get it closer to what I originally envisioned. Meanwhile the entire process of my coming up with this image, the initial idea, the story behind the concept, and micellaneous scientific musings can all be found at this work-in-progress thread over at Elysiun. Further modifications will also be posted there, being more accessible to the Blender community.

Right now, it’s back to work.

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