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Screen shot of the old siteIt is time to move on. My site has been pretty much unchanged for the last 4 years. Now, finally it is getting a long due overhaul. This blog remains unchanged, content and structure-wise, but at last its look is in sync with the rest of the site. As of now the site has three major sections: this blog, an about page, and a new portfolio page displaying some of my work. At the moment this is a simplified site done more for the want of changing, than for perfection and what I really wanted the new site to be. Hence the “V1.9”.

Screen shot of the old siteThis new site is a stepping stone, to a newer and better future. There is much more content to come, many more sections, and hopefully a lot of material of general interest, other than my work. Meanwhile this is an adequate platform to allow prospective clients to sample my work, and to allow and other generally interested persons to interact with me and I with them, so that we might all enhance our skills. Such is the power of the net. Enjoy the site as it stands, and V2.0 is forthcoming.


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  1. Satellite Baba bestows felicitations and greetings of multiple denominations ans numbers upon designers — sorry, "storytellers" named after uneventful weather phenomena.

  2. Hey Samir!
    The new look is a nice surprise! Cool that you are making the most of your time out there. Even ur portfolio looks great! Alot of additions, and very good ones! keep going man! And check the forum too! :rolleyes:


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