Carnivale! July 18, 2007

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Blog CarnivalI’ve been quite active with submitting posts to blog carnivals recently, and since the last monthly report, the links have really started to build up. So much so, that I figured a once-in-a-month mention would simply not be enough to cover all the links coming in. Hence this post. Here is the latest list of blog carnivals and their organisers who were kind enough to link to this site:

And that is the complete roundup thus far. I’m glad the Pop up card post was linked in multiple places because I think it is a worthy read. A big thank you to all the carnival organizers for the flattering attention and for all the bloggers who provided the wonderful links that stood besides mine.

Until next time, viva carnivale!

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  1. I must get into submitting to blog carnivals. I must get some good enough content first though so i’ll keep working at that for a while!

    I have just started one of the Meme thingies and added you on the list. Come visit and if interested join in. If not then no worries. I’ll be back soon.

    1. Hi there,

      As I commented on your blog, Blog Carnivals really are a very effective way to get relevant links to your blog. They are especially useful at the beginning of your blogging activity when most people are just not aware of your existence. But even after that, they do help to keep your name recognizable and out there in the still quite small active blogging community.

      You will notice that someone like Steve Pavlina who is hardly in desperate need for link backs, still submits to blog carnivals. It’s a great way to join the larger community that writes about your particular topic of interest.

      Thanks for adding me to your meme project. I will check it out soon.


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