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For the past few months, this blog has resided on the private confines of my ancient laptop during my trip to India, and later on my desktop at home. I was getting all the old blog posts working, and most importantly getting all the functionality of this new site working to my satisfaction.

When I started this resurrection in January, the plan was to get this site up and running with a ready-made blog template, and then gradually work on the final and finished custom layout. Then I thought back to the last time I had had a similar plan, and I realised that that version of my site had been online for years without me ever getting to that much planned “new look”. Not wanting for this version to suffer a similar fate, I decided that this time I would wait till I finished the site to my satisfaction (almost) before I released it online. Then I set off on the layout work.

It would have taken its time anyway, but it was certainly not meant to take months. Other things grabbed my attention along the way. There was freelance work to be done, and other distractions that kept me away from this, but I never stopped sketching and making notes about all the strange and wonderful elements and features I wanted to implement. And now after a lot of work, trial-and-error and serendipitous chances it is finally ready, or at least ready enough to make public. However, I don’t think a site like this is ever done. It is more of an ongoing evolution.

The main focus of this new site is the blog and the idea of a constantly updated stream of content. The old site was really a temporary static measure that continued untouched for too long, and I have kept that part of it untouched on the Works page. That page has not been updated not for a lack of new material to include. Quite the contrary. There is so much new and old work that I would want to include in any comprehensive treatment of my work, that the simple straight-forward portfolio page simply doesn’t suffice any more. That will require a re-thinking, a new flexible system, and possibly a whole new site to meet my long term needs. That and other ideas I will work on as time goes by and you can remain updated on my progress by keeping track of this blog.

So welcome, look around, please leave your comments and enjoy your stay on this little corner of the Wild Wild Web.
Now the real work begins.

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  1. Mabroook!!!!!!!!!!
    Its alive, kicking and back with a bang for sure! šŸ™‚
    So now its understandable, why the website took soo long :).. I just barely finished reading a tinie tiny portion of the blog!

    So know we know what all you do, when you really aint doing it all.. but how come there aint no mention of your superb voice-over prowesses, or singing abilities to name just a few…..hmm..

    PS: The Lady of the fountain, I really love!!

    1. Shhh!
      Stop divulging state secrets on a public site!

      Thanks for the enthusiastic response, and glad you like the site. Yes, the fountain lady is my favourite too. That is why she sticks around on screen all the time. šŸ˜‰

      Continue reading (yes, I hope for there to be a regular dose of plenty to read), and keep commenting here. Always good to read a familiar name among the comments.

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