The Road to Fujairah

Panoramic desert scene in Sharjah, complete with camel

I’ve been to Fujairah many times, for both work and pleasure. And I’ve been somewhere along the various roads that lead to Fujairah even more times than I can count or remember. Most people only know of one highway that leads up towards this northern Emirate, but I am familiar with several because we never stick to the beaten path. We are always on the lookout for a new twist in the tale or a new fork in the road.

I’ve been on the road to Fujairah and Khor Fakkan many times, and yet every time there are news scenes to behold, new perspectives to find, and new discoveries to make. If only you know how to see.

Camels in the Sharjah desertCamel in the Sharjah wildernessFlowering weeds on the side of the roadSilo

That is the Khor Fakkan portKhor Fakkan beachSeaside lawn at Khor Fakkan

Panoramic beach scene in Khor Fakkan, with the port in the distance

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