A Postmodern Harry Potter Halloween [Comic]

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... and my Mommy and Daddy are dressed as Queens - A Postmodern Harry Potter Halloween

My second day of Comic Konga is here, and since today is halloween, I thought I would do something appropriate.

Day 2. I have been hearing the buzz about J.K. Rowling recently declaring Albus Dumbledore‘s sexual persuasion, as a sort of post mortem to the series. I’ve also been hearing all the people complaining or lauding the gesture on her part. I think all of that is rubbish. She’s a writer of fiction, and a very good one at that. Let her do or say whatever she wants. It’s not supposed to have some great social significance. It’s a story, and the only real interest in this extra information is for other writers who enjoy this sort of world-building data. The rest of the human race needs to get a life. Considering all the noise, this little halloween gag came to mind, and I thought it was the perfect fodder for another comic.

I just finished reading the last of the Harry Potter books a couple of days ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I can say categorically that no new revelations about anyone’s sexual orientation within the world of the books is going to change anything as far as the narrative goes. It’s a very rich world that Rowling has created and if she chooses to share some of her thought process in coming up with the various characters, I don’t see why it needs to be an issue. Some people are just waiting around to be incensed and shocked.

And so, speaking of shock, with this comic I wish you all a Happy Halloween.


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  1. She is planning a huge encyclopedia of the Harry Potter world so all these character details will be there in full glory for everyone to gawp over!!

    I wish people would grow up about such silly things and just enjoy the stories!

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