The New Information Economy [Comic]

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Will social bookmark you for spare change - The New Information Economy

Comic KongaWelcome to my first contribution to the first ever Comic Konga! What is Comic Konga? It is a little blog comic festival of sorts, thought up by Vishal. The idea is to post 5 days of original comic content to your blog. The official start was yesterday, but since I missed a day, I’ll just make up an extra day at the end.

I haven’t been drawing much recently, and I haven’t created a comic of any sort for years. Unfortunately I’ve also not got the opportunity in recent times to create much illustrated content for clients, so this is a great excuse to exercise my comic-ing muscles.

Day 1, my first attempt. I wanted to start simple, so after I got the initial gag into my head, I did a simple sketch with a ball-point pen in my sketch book. That was scanned in and taken into Inkscape. A vector tracing and some simple flat gray vector shapes later, it was complete.

Creating comic strips and even a single panel one such as this is a lot of fun. I love the combination of writing and art, and it’s something that can give you the satisfaction of completion fairly quickly. I am looking forward to doing more over the coming days. Hope you like it, and feel free to share it with others. I thing it is quite apt for the Web 2.0 and social bookmarking world we live in.


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    1. Hi there. Thanks for your interest in this comic. I’m quite open to this being republished on your blog (great blog, BTW), as long as it includes attribution and a link back.

      The same goes for anyone else interested in doing the same. I would like to know when and where it is reposted though, so please leave a comment here with the links, in case the trackbacks don’t appear (it does happen sometimes).

      Glad you enjoyed this.

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