Wood Nymph Drawing in Pen

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Wood Nymph - a drawing in pen

About a year ago, a friend saw my original fountain pen drawings of figures and wanted to take some off me to put on his wall. Those were done on regular A4 copy paper and done in regular school-grade blue ink, so I wasn’t too enthusiastic to part with them. I promised I’d do something more elaborate for him on better paper and a larger size in a similar vein for his wall.

As it is with these things, my attempts at drawing figures in that particular pen and ink style didn’t really continue into the rest of last year, although I did plenty of drawing. But when it was time for my friend’s birthday, I decided it had been a long enough wait and worked on this pen drawing of a wood nymph on A3 drawing paper.

This was done with the very same school fountain pen I’ve used previously but this time with black ink, and working on the heavier drawing paper and on the larger scale really helped. I’ll be putting up more process pictures and details in time, but for now, I’m glad to call this project done, and the results are quite pleasing.


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