The Latest Trends in Metal Mining Holidays

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Xray Diagram - Surgery Holiday

Greetings to my long suffering regular readers and all you fresh faces who might have stumbled upon this blog during this extended silence. I’m on a holiday in Mumbai. Sort of.

A break has been in the offing for months now, but it was postponed many times for various reasons. Now it has finally come to be but for more practical reasons than relaxation. A few years ago my Father had a fall for which he needed some serious hardware surgically added to a bone in his leg. Recently this old implant had started causing some problems and it was time to have it removed. So, this trip came about more as a medical mission than a vacation.

All the metal is now out, and it was the mining of it that kept me busy and this blog silent for the past few weeks. The Father is now doing fine and has given birth to a bouncing baby hardware store. It truly is astonishing how much metal it takes to shore up just a small section of the femur. It makes me marvel at the strength and design of human bones with renewed fervour.

That’s my story for the day. I hope to be less delinquent in my writing and my replying to your comments over the coming days, but then I am supposed to be on a holiday and you know how unpredictable those can be.


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  1. Samir,

    Wonderful news that your Father is doing good !!!
    It’s amazing that metal can be added to shore up
    bones and our bodies just accept it as an
    extension and then mend those bones around it.

    My sister in law’s Mom fell last week and destroyed
    her femur. Beyond the point of any hardware help.
    They used a cadaver bone. When I think of someone passed being an organ donor, I don’t often think of bones being used too. This lady is over 80 years old, and 11 years ago she had a hip replaced. That mechanical hip had
    worn out, so they did a second replacement.

    Here’s to skilled surgeons and the medical miracles that allow our human bodies to be repaired. !!

    Here I thought you were lost somewhere in a
    good BOOK. šŸ™‚

    1. Hey there, Deb. Great to hear from you, and you’re absolutely right, I have also been lost in a good book whenever I could get the time between other duties. You know me well. šŸ™‚

      I was surprised by the amount of metal that came out of this surgical enterprise, but there are obviously many more surprising things for me to learn. I wasn’t aware cadaver bones could be used to replace and repair in the way you mention. Fascinating! Although, as much as I am impressed by human ingenuity, I am ever more impressed by the abilities of the human body to do its own repair and maintenance work. We aren’t going to come close to equaling that magic anytime soon.

  2. PS…….. I thought I was making a part of my comment bold, but that part disappeared.

    It said….

    My prayers are with your Father has he continues his post op healing.

    xo xo

    1. Thank you, Deb. Your good wishes are welcomed and appreciated.

      Since I wrote this my Dad has had his stitches removed and is a bit more mobile. Things are progressing steadily.

      Thanks. Take care,


  3. Sorry to hear your dad had to go through this but am glad to hear he is going better now…. hope you are able to relax a bit…I’d looking forward to reading your journey journal/thoughts when you get back to writing!

    my bests

    1. Hi Pearl, Good to hear from you and thank you for your good wishes. My Dad is recovering well, and I’m trying my darndest to squeeze a holiday out of this. šŸ™‚

      I’ve been out of online circulation for quite a while now. Looking forward to getting back to reading your blog and many others once I’m back. And yes, plenty to write too. Hopefully at least some of it should be interesting. šŸ˜‰

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