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Open Clip Art Library logo proposalOpen Clip Art Library logo proposalI seem to be going through a “let’s do a logo for this community project” phase. Just an observation, and not a complaint, because I’m a staunch supporter of the the “Open” movement and am glad that this is one way for me to do my bit. My latest cause is the Open Clip Art Library.

Those who aren’t familiar with this project should have a look at it. It is truly a worthy challenge to try to put together a free collection of “open source” vector clip art. With the increasing viability of software like OpenOffice.org and Inkscape, a good collection of clip art is essential to complement these packages. I recently visited the site and saw a call for logos for the project. I sketched out a couple of ideas and executed them in Inkscape. The logos submitted so far are viewable here. At the moment I’m writing this my logos have not been put up on the page, but they will probably show up once the administrators has had a look at them.

I wish this project continues a healthy growth, because it is an essential part of the open source alternative. Those who don’t subscribe to that “idealism” can go there purely to get some cool, FREE clip art. šŸ™‚


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