Cliff Dweller

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3d terrain model in BlenderI’m finally getting into doing some tutorials in Blender. I was browsing around and this mesh based terrain modelling technique caught my attention. It could be done with only blender and didn’t need to involve fractal height maps, so I gave it a whirl. Manipulating complex organic organic meshes is surprisingly un-daunting in the Blender interface. I was able to achieve the basic model quite painlessly.

3d robot model in BlenderI seem to have some innate problem with completing tutorials “by the book”, so as usual at this point I went off on a tangent. Playing around with the World settings took up quite a bit of time but that resulted in a weird and wonderful sky. It was satisfactory, but not quite. It needed something. So, I set out to model a figure to put into the landscape – yes I know that is a ridiculous thing to do for a newbie, but stranger things have happened.

Cliff Dweller - final 3d renderA few hours later, after many mistakes and a lot of searching on how to group objects, I finally came up with this very stick-figure robot with no neck. Not bad for a first try. I put my mechanical friend into the landscape, posed him thanks to a basic parenting setup, and rendered away. The floating head thing wasn’t very convincing so I put in a box for the neck and played around with a halo material till I was satisfied. A good few hours of inefficient Blendering, but a good start I think.

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