What’s Better About Good Photos?

What's Better About Good Photos?

There are tomes of advice on how to take better photos. I’ve written some photography tips myself over time, and while I will continue to share those and do think they are helpful, for truly improving your photography, you need to know how to think about photography beyond simple recipes. To think on this subject […]

Women With Bad Cameras

Women With Bad Cameras

After my little experiment to show that good cameras are not essential to taking good pictures, I still felt the point could be made clearer with more real-world examples. If I could show good photos taken by other people with less than stellar cameras that would be a big step in the right direction. It […]

Taking Good Pictures Isn’t About The Camera

Taking Good Pictures Isn't About The Camera

If you have a serious interest in photography, in a professional capacity or as an enthusiastic amateur, you’re sure to have been greeted with this line at some point: Great Pictures! Which Camera did you use? On your less understanding days, there can’t be a more irritating thing to be asked, because the person asking […]