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As stated in the sub-head at the top of the page, this blog was born with two ends in sight:
1) Complete revamp of my web site
2) Thorough knowledge of Blender

Why revamp the site?

I was pretty proud of my old site (http://samir.shorturl.com/), and I still am. It was coded in raw html in Notepad, it had a distinct visual presence, and it was a very lean and quick piece of coding. However, right from day one this site was outdated in some ways. It was not even a fraction of what I wanted it to be, it was not very extensible, and the it was not the best representation of my work.

So, the site needs help:
– It needs to be more expandable.
– It needs some actual content, beyond pretty pictures.
– The portfolio part could use better presentation.
– The structure should be easy to update.

Why learn Blender?

Let’s see… so many reasons.
I like open source. I like 3D, and computer graphics in general. I like animation and would like to get into it seriously. I love small, free programs that surprise you no end as to what they are capable of. Something as powerful as Blender can not only be immensely useful, but can also save a lot of time in my work as a freelance designer.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, you can check out this wonderful 3D animation suite at http://www.blender3d.com/

Both these ambitions have been on hold for a couple of years now, and I decided it was about time I tackled and conquered them. But, what will be my incentive to keep with it? That’s where the idea for this blog comes in. On one hand, this will force some regularity into my endeavours. And secondly, what I discover along the way might be of interest to some people. I have experienced a distinct shortage of freely available case-studies on the development of creative projects on the net. This blog will be my small contribution to remedy this situation. I enjoy reading about the thought processes of others and I am sure I am not alone.

With these intentions at heart I set out on my foray into blogging. May the stream of posts come thick and steady.

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