Portfolio Presentation at College – Presented & Done

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The presentation at my college was done on Sunday. I would say it went well, though not quite an outright and complete success. I get the feeling I might have overestimated the level of interest amongst final year university students for this subject matter, and also their level of understanding of basic internet technologies. Perhaps that is a geek affliction.

I do hope it was piqued their curiosity, at least. It certainly resulted in some more thinking on the subject of online portfolios in particular, and some of the trials and tribulations involved. So much so that there was the realisation amongst the group that they had no idea where to begin with building a website, and I might be going in next week to conduct a workshop on creating a simple website from scratch. One seemingly insurmountable task at a time.

While I will write up the contents of the entire presentation as an article here some time soon, I did promise my stressed out, soon to be graduating, audience that I would post links to some of the resources and software I mentioned (I didn’t have the time to prepare a handout before the event, unfortunately), so here they are:

Portfolio PDF Tools




Portfolio Website Tools




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