I’m Still Alive, and I Have Books!

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Back to Books - Old PosterYes it is true. The rumours of my disappearance in a freak alien invasion or my retirement into the mountains of Antarctica are greatly exaggerated. I am still alive, but this blog has been a bit dead for a while — more hibernating really. I thought it was only fair to say hello to my growing tribe of RSS and email subscribers (Greetings!), who I like to narcissistically imagine as hanging on to my every digital word.

As Vishal has so colourfully explained, we’ve been a bit busy with a small archaeological dig within the confines of our home. The layers were many, the sediments rich, and the finds extraordinary. To say I’m a bit of a bibliophile would be a gross understatement. While I’m sure there are many with a larger and more extensive stash of books than I have, I assure you the only reason for that is that I hold myself back for practical reasons. All those books need somewhere to be put, and sedimentary layers are not the best storage system. Once that minor organisational glitch is solved, you just try and stop me from accumulating the largest collection of completely insignificant tomes that I absolutely adore.

While all this reorganisation was in progress, my online activities languished greatly. Unfortunately, I can’t say my house and my books are now in order, but domestic archaeology is very hard work. For a lack of energy and time I had to stop, and the last few days have been spent introducing my visiting cousin to the wonders and horrors of the maddest “metropolis” on Earth: Dubai. The good part of that, besides the company, has been some decent photographs which I will make sure I share with all of you here some time soon.

In the meantime, fear not, brave readers. This delinquent shall be back soon to expand your minds, entertain your senses, menace society, and ruin your children in an infinite number of easy steps. Stay tuned, thank you for your patience, and wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


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