Holding The Fort At Develop & Grow

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Pointing elsewhere

I am going to be doing a stint of guest writing at the Develop & Grow blog as I announced there.

While I haven’t posted there before, I’ve been intimately involved with the site from the very beginning. The Develop & Grow logo is my design, as is the entire site/blog template. It is a fledgling site which already has a good amount of solid content to read and a growing readership. Like The Multilingual Network, which I also designed and implemented, this site is managed by Silke Rehman. While Silke is away on her vacation, escaping the Dubai heat, she’s handed over the reins to me so that I can keep the blog updated and active with new content over the coming weeks.

I do have plenty of ideas for posts that would fit well into the Develop & Grow fold. It remains to be seen how many of these ideas can be executed considering my own personal mental conundrums about the execution of blog post ideas. The Develop & Grow blog is about personal development, life coaching and all round feel-good stuff that makes you think about yourself and life a little more deeply than usual. I hate to use the term ‘self help’ because of all the atrocities that are categorised under that title, but I guess you could describe it that way too.

What you can expect are inspiring ideas and techniques for looking at things differently or for changing the way you do things. Here are some of the interesting articles that you can already read there:
How to be Courageous
How Balanced is My Life?
How far away are you from living your life purpose?
Free On-line Myers Briggs Personality Tests

Browse over to the site, read what it has to offer, and make sure you subscribe to their RSS feed to keep up with new entries as I post them. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well subscribe to my RSS feed as well. After all, I have pretty pictures and a giant throbbing feed icon at the top of this page! Go ahead, you know you want to. šŸ™‚

The first article has been posted at Personal Goal Setting And Planning For Success

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  1. Wow even though I’ve had several personality types pages up for a while, I hadn’t seen Develop & Grow until tonight. Very cool site. Must have been excited to be part of putting together. I also do some coaching and love personality types as part of it.


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