Business Card Design for a Water Treatment Consultant

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Simple business card design for a water treatment consultant

Branding and identity design has its universal challenges and those challenges are a little bit trickier when it comes to designing identity for an individual rather than a relatively faceless organisation. These considerations went into my recent logo design for a consultant, and as time has passed since and contact information had to be updated, it came time to implement the new logo into a new business card design.

Personal business cards need to be just that, personal. The person in question needs to take centre stage and be the most important piece of information conveyed, along with a certain differentiating personality. My own personal business card currently sticks to a minimal visual style. Such simple business cards are both easier to produce and also easier to reconcile conceptually when the person they represent is a broad-ranging generalist, so I thought it fitting to create a similar simple statement with the design of this business card for my Father.

The important elements to keep in mind were to give the name prominence, to keep the information clean and easy to read, and to integrate the logo in a way that is familiar to the corporate-minded audience, while also having enough personality to not appear corporate and stoic in its mood. I think what I came up with adequately fills those requirements while also having a bit of visual flair, which can never hurt in making a first impression when handing over your card.

In keeping with the agile, on-demand nature of the way we deal with business cards as independent consultants, Vishal and myself as designers and our Dad as a water-treatment consultant, this new requirement for a business card was also dealt with in an unconventional way. Having created the original quick business card design many months ago, Vishal worked on an updated version with the logo, while as the designer of the logo, I worked on a new look from scratch. Both designers were finished and printed so that two parallel sets of cards are now available for use. This is not your standard branding practice, but is perfectly valid when you have the freedom to not mass produce cards which will last you months and years.

I’m happy with the results, and now our intrepid consultant has two cards to choose from when meeting new contacts. This added flexibility can actually help and perhaps the different designs will work best with different audiences, of which he deals with a variety in his working across technical and commercial boundaries in a very varied field of work. Maybe it will work as a very rudimentary and physical form of A/B testing; Time will tell. For now the designs is done and out there in the world to be used. Not much more a designer can ask for.


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