Best Laid Plans of Writing

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The burden of best laid plans is that we must fulfil them,
Decisions were made and now action must follow,
Meanwhile, we imagine these plans and build them,
Until they’re a mountain impossible to swallow.

We decorate and gild, and wrap them in fine leather,
We worry and fret, and wonder if they’ll ever be,
We protect them with armour against every possible weather,
We even provide flippers, for when they’re stranded at sea.

And in all this finery and glut of security features,
The most important thing lies forgotten and ignored,
That our true aims were the most delicate of creatures,
Who will suffocate, if in this monster stored.

But by then we have our eyes on a higher summit,
Our dreams touch cloud and expectations soar,
Making it a growing possibility to plummet,
Or just give up along the slope-climbing bore.

Worst of all is that the peak is ever receding,
And the effort to return seems equally grim,
Until eventually it comes down to conceding,
That you’re better off killing your plans on a whim.

The burden of best laid plans is that we must fulfil them,
They often slow us down and dampen all that’s aglow,
They buffet our sensitive inspirations and kill them,
So in life and in writing, learn to respect the flow.


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