Improvised Spinach Sauté With Potatoes

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Sautéed Spinach With Potato

It’s been years since I’ve done anything resembling actual food preparation. Not that I’m a klutz in the kitchen or ignorant about the secret ways of the pot and the pan, but I’ve simply not found the necessity nor have had the specific inclination. Holidays, however, are meant to put you in new situations and so tonight I found myself in possession of two bundles of spinach, limited additional ingredients, and the need to concoct some form of dinner. This sautéed spinach with potato mix is what resulted.

Nothing too complex, rudimentary, in fact. A bit of oil heated in a broad saucepan. Cumin seeds (jeera) added to sputter. A pinch of sugar to help in the browning of the potatoes added in small pieces. After that it was a matter of adding what was available, salt, some turmeric powder (haldi), a few slivers of fresh ginger, and then finally when the potatoes were sufficiently brown, a healthy dose of the spinach, cut into rough pieces. A very little water to help it along once the leaves had reduced, and some chaat masala and a pinch of amchur to add some flavour.

Worked out very well, mostly because the potatoes were well cooked without being reduced to mush. It would have been better with onions, and some fresh garlic, but considering it was improvised from what was available, a flavourful success.


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