Content Building and The August 2007 Report

Samir Bhardwaj dot Com monthly reportAnother month has gone by. Some progress was made, some articles were published and some fun was had.

New Traffic

Articles in the Best of list in the sidebar really started to pickup this month, and I have started to see about a half-a-dozen articles here become the major traffic magnets. That is a good thing and exactly as planned. In fact this month I even did a planned assault on creating some new major articles to add to the arsenal (see below).

The other improvement is the increase in search engine traffic. Articles here are being found for more and more search terms which is resulting in search engine traffic to this site growing from negligible to almost 15%. I am sure that figure will steadily increase in time, as it should. Now that this blog is a few months old and the search engines are ageing it a bit, they seem to take it more seriously for relevant results. The hot favourite search terms that are bringing people here at the moment are how to crash a wedding, pop up card, best action movie, feedburner alternative and taking professional photos. There are actually hundreds more, but these are the star athletes of the group for now.

Content Building

One major task I took on this past month was my try at the ProBlogger group writing project again. This time, I decided to write a series of posts rather than a single one and that resulted in the Be Yourself in Blog Land series. I came up with a clean new layout element for series articles, a spiffy drop-cap (as you can see at the beginning of this post), and managed to finish the four parts I initially planned.

All four were linked by ProBlogger throughout the month of August and some of these are already getting a whole load of traffic as a result. If you are a blogger, these articles should be of interest, so I highly recommend you go over to this article on the importance of a unique blog design and start reading.

Blog Carnivals

August was actually a slow month for Blog Carnivals on this site, because I didn’t submit to any for the first three weeks of the month. Then in the last week I got back into the mood and those submission came through as you can see below:


“More great content”, is really my only aim for the near future. Hopefully the content will find its readership and its search engine traffic. Above all else, I would just like more people to read this stuff, and judging by the increase in commenting here, I think I am on the right track. Make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming new content by subscribing to my full text RSS feed.

If you need more guidance in the realm of blogging and starting or running your site, I found these resources to be very well put together and comprehensive. For my take on making the right choices for your blog, do have a look at my article series Be Yourself in Blog Land.

Another month lies ahead and there is plenty to do. See you around the comment threads.


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