Thor – movie review

Thor - movie review

Of all the stories of supernatural heroes in the Marvel Comics universe, that of Thor, the God of thunder, is unique in that it was not an outright invention. Norse mythology was interpreted and integrated into the modern world in clever and campy ways to create an entertaining and larger than life character. That was […]

Sucker Punch – movie review

Sucker Punch - movie review

His last film, Watchmen, had me cringing at some of its gory indulgences, so when the posters and trailers of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch were released, I feared it would descend into the same. However, Watchmen was in sections very faithful to the original, near-impossible to adapt comic, which showed great talent. I gave Sucker […]

Simple Instructions Are Deceptive

Simple Instructions Are Deceptive

Teaching is hard work. It’s not necessarily hard work in the physical sense, but the mental gymnastics required to teach something complex involves more understanding and effort than most human beings are willing to put in. Which is why there are so few truly good teachers in the World. Part of the problem is students […]